About Nicholas

Nicholas grew up on the hard-knock streets of North Minneapolis in the 90′s (then ranked 4th highest in murders per capita in the US.) He minded his P’s and Q’s and managed to survive the ubiquitous gang warfare, a high-speed car chase, and the dangers of traditional Scandinavian cuisine. It’s true what they say about Minnesota Nice: it’s a little bit creepy. Nicholas knew that if he were to thrive, he would need to move somewhere where people wore earbuds all the time and casual acquaintances pretended not to see one another when they crossed paths on the street.

Since moving to Seattle to get his college degree at the University of Washington, Nicholas has embraced the idosyncracies of the Pacific Northwest. Fancying himself a highly ambitions fellow, he intends to one day see a book with his name on it on the shelves at Barnes and Noble, start a blog that will be deemed an “overnight success,” and run a literary magazine. In the meantime, he helps small businesses reinvigorate their marketing strategies for digital, social and traditional media. His other services include mixing a mean cocktail and helping job-seekers put a fresh face on their resumes from time-to-time.

If, to you, Nicholas sounds half as cool as the far-out cat he is to work with, feel free to use to contact form on this site to get in touch with him.